Stop Letting Your Food Spoil in Your Fridge

Are you noticing that your food in your refrigerator is only staying at a warm temperature? If this is an issue you're having, you need us to examine your refrigerator and find out what is going wrong. Let the professionals at A & B Appliance Repair take a look.

Refrigerator Repair Services Include

  • Service most makes and models
  • Any style refrigerator
  • Won't turn on
  • Leaky unit
  • Won't cool properly
Refrigerator repair

Keep Your Temperature Regulated

You can only enjoy your food when it is stored at the correct temperature. If your food is not getting cold enough, you can be sure that we can find and fix the problem for you.
We can offer the same repair service if you're having problems getting your ice to freeze. Let us get your refrigerator and freezer to the correct temperature.
Call us at 
661-256-7222 to find out more about refrigerator repairs.
No service charge if repairs are made!
We offer services at $30
for most areas.
10% OFF our parts and labor for all seniors, military personnel, and fire and police department personnel.
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